Ying's Pine ( two canned)

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Extracted from pine needles, ideal for bathing and feet soaking

Ying’s company of Taiwan developed Ying’s Pine for the purpose of promoting human beauty and health.  It was the noblest bathing agent of modern time.  Its main ingredient is the pine needle oil, it can help to maintain the bathing water temperature and cleansing.

Whole families enjoy terpene hot spring bath---Ying’s Pine

Put Ying’s Pine into a bath tub filled with hot water.  Immediated you will smell the terpene fragrance emitted by the natural pine forest. With such a smell investment, you can enjoy a hot spring bath at home.

The Ying’s Pine bath water can also be used to wash hair. There is no need to wash again with soap or rinse.  Just dry your body with a towel and the fragrance will follow you into a good sleep.  It is truly a happy life and a good way to improve your health.  The water can be used to wash our pets to help them get rid of fleas, and washing floors, toilets, and for other sanitation purposes.

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