Ying’s Pine Soap(three pieces )

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  • Feature:Natural
  • use:Bath Soap

Key Features

Ying's pine soap use Japanese red pine, black pine, five pine needles of pine oil produced Ying's pine, cedar wood oil in North America with  π  water and other raw materials made.

Ying's Pine Soap and good usage:

Ying's Pine The main contents of conifer essential oils, mainly Trpen essential oils and phytoncid its main ingredient, so when bathing can enjoy the forest bath atmosphere is very good.

Sensitive and problematic skin also apply. And five pine rich in chlorophyll, unsaturated fatty acids, flavonols, amino acid composition, minerals and other dozens of nutrients, with improved skin, skincare, have a good effect in skin care and respect.


When the Ying’s Pine soap placed in gauze bag, dip a little water and gently lather before use, and finally rinse can.

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