Shen Xiang Tea (Two cans / box)

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Key Features

Shen Xiang Tea

Invited Taiwanese tea division, Taiwan mountain oolong tea production methods, the selection of the best variety of incense, the leaves of Qi Nan incense tree, carefully roasted, semi-fermented. This is a tea that can neutralize stomach acid and stomach.

It is a kind of tea which is good for soothe the nerves, hangover and drop three highs. The mouthfeel is mellow, with the unique aroma of incense tea. After half-fermented tea, more gentle on the stomach does not stimulate. Coupled with the unique medicinal properties of incense, long-term drinking can play a good body health care.

Brewing methods

※ brewing method - hot bubble:
Only 8 leaves of incense leaves, with 250cc hot / warm water brewing, 30 seconds to 1 minute to drink a unique taste sweet incense tea. (Light and dark taste according to personal preferences add and subtract water)

※ brewing method - cold bubble:
As long as 8 leaves of incense leaves, placed 600cc bottled mineral water to rest for 30 minutes to drink, it is recommended that the night pre-soaking in the refrigerator, drink the next morning.

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